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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you travel?

By: Megha Hepta 0 comments
How to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you travel?

You might be wondering how to travel safely while preserving your health during a pandemic. Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, health is non-negotiable.


According to celebrity nutritionist Ryan Fernando, spending time in airports and places where people congregate increases your chances of catching a cold. Here are five ideas to help you stay healthy and avoid the flu as you zip  across multiple cities.


  1. Get a Flu Shot / Covid vaccine


The flu vaccine is the single most effective approach to minimize your chances of contracting and spreading diseases. The flu vaccine strengthens immunity to help your body fight influenza and other viruses.


The flu shot takes about two weeks to reach its maximum effectiveness according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. So, consider heading to the nearest vaccine centre to get one administered as soon as possible. Vaccines for the flu are readily available in many places including your local drugstore.


  1. Sanitize


The majority of infectious viruses and bacteria are spread by touching a contaminated surface. Simply touching your eye, nose or mouth after touching the doorknob of the airplane bathroom can be enough to make you sick.


Here's what you can do to avoid it:

Wash your hands, especially your fingernails, with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer on a frequent basis.


When opening door handles and turning off water taps, use a paper towel or tissue.


After coming in contact with something that has been touched by anyone, avoid touching your nose, mouth or eyes till you've sanitized your hands.


Swab armrests, tray tables, and other surfaces with disinfecting wipes.


Keep a safe distance of at least six feet from someone who appears to be sick or is coughing or sneezing.


  1. Stay Hydrated


It's critical to stay hydrated while traveling, especially if you're flying. The mucous membranes in your nose are a natural barrier against bacteria and viruses in your body. The conditions in an airplane cabin is exceedingly dry causing nasal passages to become desiccated thus making you more susceptible to a pathogenic sneeze from a fellow traveller.


  1. Get Enough Sleep


Getting adequate sleep is important for maintaining a healthy immune system. According to the Mayo Clinic, not getting enough sleep increases your chances of getting sick.


Get a decent night's sleep before you travel and try to stick to your normal sleep schedule as much as possible. Here are some suggestions to help you obtain the seven to nine hours of sleep you need every night.


Keep your room cool at night.


Restrict caffeine and alcohol consumption.


Stay away from electronic gadgets like cell phones and e-readers a few hours before you sleep.


Wear an eye mask and earplugs and get some sleep during transit.


  1. Eat Healthy


Maintaining a balanced diet will keep you healthy throughout the year and will give you immunity especially while traveling. A well-balanced diet will go a long way towards boosting your immune system and battling infection.


Carry your supplements with you. Workout if you can. Eat protein supplements and vitamins to compensate the lack of home cooked nutritious food.


Travel safe.
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