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How do we make our protein?

By: Nicolae Pasecinic 0 comments
How do we make our protein?

In the era of rampaging pandemics, physical health is more important than ever. With diseases such as COVID-19 and Ebola plaguing humanity, the world has turned to physical vitality and health. Physical vitality is a merit best received when burnished carefully through regular physical activity. FitAF offers a wide range of products to aid you on your quest of enhanced athleticism. With protein supplements for athletes, fitness geeks and those pursuing a healthy lifestyle, FitAF has you covered.



Ending the seemingly constant arguments about the virtues of Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate, comes in Whey Protein Blend. With exquisite flavors such as rose, mango and kesar badam; this product will boost your workouts and push you to go above and beyond. In each serving, you get nineteen grams of protein which is almost a third of the recommended daily intake of protein, optimal amount of carbs, fats which improve muscle performance. Completely free of preservatives and with negligible portions of sugar, this product is an acme in the world of protein supplements. Fifty grams of ashwagandha and terminalia, borrowed from ayurvedic sciences seek to maximize your potentiality and you reap phenomenal results from your routine workouts. Whey Protein Blend also gives a hefty serve of vitamins such as B6, B9, B3 and B1 thus not only boosting your workout but also accounting for your daily vitamin dosage in the post-pandemic era.

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