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Benefits for you and your body

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Benefits for you and your body

With the increase in physical awareness, fitness, diet, nutrition and exercise, more and more people are opting for nutritional supplements to improve physical vitality. Here at FitAF, we take a more holistic approach in creating all our products, keeping both your nutrition and your diet in mind. Our protein supplements serve every athlete’s requirement as well as the needs of all individuals who are pursuing fitness and good health.




Why protein supplements?

Think of it this way: proteins are the building blocks of life. Everything, from your hair, to your nails, to your skin is in some way made up of proteins. Proteins are also an amazing source of energy. This energy is utilized by your muscles in activities ranging from getting out of bed to a spartan workout. With each workout where you push yourself, your muscles face the backlash. Your muscles fibers are ripped apart. As your muscles recuperate during the rest of the day, sometimes the workout so intense that the muscles take time to heal. In comes protein supplements, armed with an arsenal of micronutrients, herbs and (of course!) protein. They help heal the muscles in a trice and soon you’re back on your feet and back on the grind.

Whey protein blend is a carefully measured mix of whey concentrate and whey isolate. With this, you reap the benefits of both transcendent products. In addition to an exiguous amount of sugar and absolutely no preservatives, this product also lugs benefits such as improved muscle recovery and lowered muscle breakdown. With a nod to the age-old practices of Ayurveda, fifty milligrams of ashwagandha and terminalia are included which increases endurance and boosts recovery. With a third of your daily protein intake packed into each serve, you are bound to see a radical improvement in the quality of your workouts immediately.

Whey Isolate is a boon for all athletes searching for a faultless product. Easily digestible as well as fast acting, this protein supplement boosts muscle activity almost instantly.  Made with premium quality ingredients and lowered sugar levels, this refined derivative of whey is much more efficient when compared to any of its counterparts. Aiding fat loss and muscle growth and recovery, this protein should be an elemental choice for all athletes and people conscious of leading super fit lives.

Coming in hydrating and refreshing flavors such as orange, apple and lemon, this isolate comes as a clear protein drink. It’s an invigorating and a surprising change from the old, boring, monotonous milky whey proteins. With the added benefits of increased metabolism, fat burning and training muscles, this protein reaches your sore muscles in a jiffy. Aiding you in your quest of muscle building, Isolate also helps you lose weight besides giving you high energy levels.

2.2 grams leucine, 3.5 grams glutamic acid aids in superfast muscle recovery, Isolate is a must have for all athletes. Packed with all essential amino acids in a serve, Isolate is a fit for an average adult with a busy life. Isolate is boon for all lactose intolerant people and it packed with more proteins and less amount of carbs and fat.

Specifically curated for the female demographic, comes Women’s Protein. Keeping women’s physiology in mind, this product is painstakingly made with a variety of ingredients. Toting an arsenal of benefits such as increased muscle mass, improved metabolism and depressed appetite, Women’s Protein is truly an avant-garde product in the world of supplements. With soluble fibers aiding digestion and vitamins B9, B12 combating anemia, this product boosts body functioning and immunity. Armed with eleven grams of protein and two grams of glutamic acid, this product also has the added benefit of reducing muscle fatigue after a grueling workout. This supplement has your back during your vigorous workouts as well as a place in your daily life filled with hustle. This product is one for the keeps.

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