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10 Best Foods for Building Lean Muscle Mass

By: Aman Lalwani 0 comments
10 Best Foods for Building Lean Muscle Mass

People believe intense workouts can help them build lean muscle mass and achieve fitness goals. But it's only a half-truth. It's essential to do intense body workouts to challenge the body, but without proper nutrition and protein food, your body-building process will stall.

In fact, research has proved that nutrition plays a crucial role in building lean muscle mass. Sometimes proper protein foods become more important than physical workouts. 

So, if you want to build lean muscle, focus on consuming more protein foods, along with carbs and fats, to maintain energy in the body. Here is the list of the best muscle-building foods to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Top 10 Foods for Building Lean Muscle Mass:

1. Eggs

Eggs are the perfect protein food and power food for a good cause. They contain high-quality protein, healthy fats, and choline. Eggs contain a high dose of the amino acid leucine, which is incredibly beneficial in muscle building.

Moreover,vitamin B is found in eggs which is helpful in many body activities, such as energy generation. So, next time you buy whey protein powder, you must also invest some money in buying organic eggs, which contain a potent mix of protein and other nutrients. 

2. Chicken Breast

There are many reasons why gym trainers and health experts recommend chicken breasts for gaining muscle. They pack high-quality protein; even their 85-gram serving contains 26.7 grams of protein that helps build muscles after gym training exercises. 

They have B vitamins niacin and B6 that may be required during physical activity. This lean muscle gain food also contains omega 3, amino acids, and 6 fatty acids that may help you lose fat.

3. Brown Rice

A single cup of cooked brown rice can provide 6 grams of protein; it also contains carbohydrates that will fuel your physical workout and energy. Brown rice is proven to increase growth hormone levels in the body which will significantly improve lean muscle gain, help in fat loss, and boost strength. 

Moreover, some research shows that brown rice proteins can supplement lean muscle mass gain, the same as badam protein during muscle gain exercise. 

4. Fish 

If you already have a diet plan that provides enough fat but needs to increase protein intake, it's best to consider fish, like Tuna. It's one of the best muscle-building foods with a high amount of vitamins A and B, like niacin, B6, and even B12. 

These must-have nutrients help to maintain optimum body health, workout performance, and energy. Fish like Tuna also supplement omega-3 fatty acids, which are responsible for maintaining muscle health. 

5. Soybeans

Soybeans are one of the perfect lean muscle foods for those who try to build muscle by following a meatless diet. 86 grams of fully cooked soybeans contains 16 grams of protein, health-friendly unsaturated fats, and many vitamins and minerals. Soybeans are also a potent source of vitamin K, phosphorus, and iron. 

Proper intake of iron helps your body to store and transport oxygen in the blood and active muscles; any deficiency can cause improper body functions. With your whey protein powder for muscle mass, you can complement soybeans to fulfill your protein intake requirements before and after a workout. 

6. Nuts

Nuts are promising protein food to build muscles when you eat them in moderate quantities. These tasty nuts contain potent fats, fiber, protein, and many other nutrients, making them ideal for empowering your daily workouts and helping build lean muscle.

However, you must be careful when adding nuts to your diet plan, as some nuts, like peanuts, contain high calories. So, opt for the most protein-rich nuts like walnuts and almonds. 

7. Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the purest protein sources that contain minimum fat and carbs intake. Generally, every 85-gram serving provides 19 grams of protein, 1.4 grams of fat, and only 1 gram of carbs. So, if you need to add some protein foods without requiring to consume an additional quantity of calories, it's ideal to add shrimp to your healthy diet. 

While its diet will help you extract the necessary quantity of healthy carbs and fat, you will also get a high amount of protein. Moreover, you can also buy online concentrated whey protein, which will fill up the additional requirement of high-quality protein and boost lean muscle growth. 

8. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese might offer different probiotic nutrients than yogurt. It is still the second-best choice to eat dairy-based protein products. In fact, organic cottage cheese packs much higher protein than Greek yogurt, offering slow and fast digestion, which prevents your muscles from getting used as energy sources during night sleep. 

Moreover, it's also a great source of casein that ensures a potent calorie boost. However, cottage cheese may be available in various types, so choose it based on your diet plan and requirements. 

9. Whey Protein

Your regular diet may not fulfill the protein requirement for building lean muscle mass. In that case, taking dietary supplements like whey protein blends can be beneficial. If you also face trouble getting the required amount of protein intake from a meat or meatless diet, consider trying protein shakes in your daily workout plans. 

The best part of taking online concentrate whey protein is that you can complement them with many dietary plans without any side effects. 

10. Beans

You can also add different types of beans to your regular diet plan to build lean muscles. There are several types of beans, such as black, kidney, and pinto beans, which are high in protein and other nutrients. 

Moreover, 172 grams of cooked beans contain 15 grams of high-quality protein that helps in muscle gain. They are also an incredible source of fiber, phosphorus, iron, and B vitamins. 

Eating lean muscle-building foods will help you gain muscle mass and strength. However, if you are finding a proper supplement to get high-quality protein to fulfill your daily protein requirement without any side effects, consider buying whey protein powder from FIT AF; it has all the essential nutrients your body needs before and after an intense body workout.

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